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Stainless Steel Cookware Manufacturing Process

KÖBACH prioritizes premium cookware and exceptional support. Our advanced production, rigorous quality control, and customization options ensure top standards in every product. Trust KÖBACH for a reliable, committed cookware partnership.

Production Manager
Head of Production Department

In our state-of-the-art Chinese cookware factory, I lead the production team with pride. We harness advanced machinery and skilled labor to efficiently create high-quality cookware, thanks to our multi-phase production process.

As a leading stainless steel cookware manufacturer, we understand the significance of efficient production processes. Our meticulous manufacturing enhances product quality, ensuring durability and heat efficiency that customers value. Our processes also address concerns regarding product lifespan and maintenance, contributing to our clients’ market success.

Watch the video on the left to know more about the production process.

stainless steel Raw material sourcing cookware manufacturing process 1

01 Raw Material Sourcing

We partner with trusted suppliers to source high-quality, sustainable raw materials for our cookware products. Rigorous quality control checks and long-term relationships with our suppliers ensure access to the best materials possible.

Select material - stainless steel cookware manufacturing process 2

02 Select Material

Our meticulous process for selecting raw materials involves identifying key characteristics, testing samples for purity and consistency, evaluating supplier ethics and sustainability standards, and negotiating pricing and delivery terms.

Pressing - stainless steel cookware manufacturing process 3

03 Pressing

The drawing press shapes the stainless steel blank into the final form of the pan, pulling the material through a series of dies with precision control to achieve the desired shape and quality.

Cutting & Rolling - stainless steel cookware manufacturing process 4

04 Cutting & Rolling

Advanced machinery and precise blade positioning cut the stainless steel cookware to shape, while the edges are rolled for a uniform shape and smooth, burr-free finish. Any waste material is recycled.

Cleaning & drying - stainless steel cookware manufacturing process 5

05 Cleaning & Drying

The cleaning process removes dust and contaminants from the surface of the cookware. The cookware is sprayed with water to remove loose debris, immersed in a cleaning solution to remove dirt and contaminants, rinsed with water, and dried with hot air blowers to ensure a clean and smooth surface.

Sand blasting - stainless steel manufacturing process 6

06 Sand Blasting

High-speed abrasive particles remove impurities from the cookware surface, creating a slightly textured surface that promotes adhesion for non-stick coatings or other surface treatments.

Non-stick coating spray - stainless steel cookware manufacturing process 7

07 Non-Stick Coating Spray

Pre-heated, sand-blasted cookware surfaces are coated with non-stick material and cured at high temperatures for a durable, long-lasting bond. Quality inspections ensure the cookware’s usability and ease of cleaning.

Laser engraving - stainless steel cookware manufacturing process 8

08 Laser Engraving

A laser machine etches logos or designs onto the cookware surface with precision and efficiency, ensuring consistent branding across all products.

Handle riveting - stainless steel cookware manufacturing process 9

09 Handle Riveting

The rivet handle process involves attaching a handle to the cookware body with a rivet. The handle is positioned and a machine is used to secure the rivet, creating a tight and secure bond. This step is crucial in creating cookware that is comfortable to handle and easy to use.

Packaging - stainless steel cookware manufacturing process 10

10 Packaging

Automated packaging machines wrap, label, and box the cookware for shipment, providing consistent and efficient packaging to protect the finished products.

The Environment Protection Efforts We Done During Production

At KÖBACH, we prioritize environmental stewardship in our production processes. Here are eight crucial ways we integrate eco-friendly practices to minimize our ecological footprint.

Energy-Efficient Manufacturing Equipment

Waste Reduction Strategies

Sustainable Material Sourcing

Recycling and Reusing in Production

Cleaner Production Techniques

Eco-friendly Packaging

Low-impact Transportation Methods

Implementation of a Carbon Offset Program

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