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A Review of the Best Cast Iron Cookware Brands

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Cast iron cookware is making a comeback in many home kitchens due to its versatility, durability, and cooking performance. Today, we will explore the best cast iron cookware options to fit any budget or cooking needs.

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Best Budget Cast Iron Skillets

For affordable cast iron that still delivers quality cooking performance, these value-priced skillets fit the bill.


Lodge Cast Iron Skillets

Lodge cast iron cookware heats evenly, retains heat well, and becomes nicely non-stick over time. The textured interior does mean more seasoning is required to be comparable to smoother cast iron. Lodge offers great bang for your buck whether you’re outfitting your first kitchen or just want an affordable workhorse skillet.

Parini Cast Iron Skillets

Parini cast iron requires some seasoning, and the cooking surfaces aren’t as smooth as pricier brands. But given the low prices, their skillets are ideal for college students or anyone wanting to dabble in cast iron cooking. An 8” skillet usually runs for less than $20, making Parini cast iron super budget-friendly.

Aldi Cast Iron Skillets

Aldi’s cast iron cookware is thick and sturdy, but has a rougher cooking surface that could benefit from a little extra seasoning. With proper use over time, Aldi’s cast iron provides terrific value. Don’t let the discount price fool you, cast iron skillets from Aldi will last a long time and after being properly seasoned, will give-you the non-stick cooking you desire.

Most Durable Cast Iron Cookware

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For heirloom quality that lasts for decades, these long-lasting cast iron pieces are worth the extra investment.

Griswold Cast Iron Cookware

While pricier and harder to come by, properly restored old Griswold cast iron provides beautiful non-stick cooking. Families have passed down vintage Griswold skillets for generations.

Smithey Cast Iron Cookware

For new cast iron with vintage appeal, Smithey Ironware is a premium modern brand crafting heirloom-quality skillets in the USA. Their cast iron receives an ultra-smooth polished finish through a special polishing process. Starting around $100, Smithey cast iron skillets won’t come cheap, but their stellar modern engineering provides incredible heat control. Smooth like glass, Smithey cast iron sears beautifully and becomes beautifully seasoned over time.

Finex Cast Iron Cookware

When it comes to cooking, Finex cast iron skillets are a top choice. Their unique shape gives them character, while their cast iron construction ensures durability and heat retention. Plus, the skillet’s seasoning and polished interior make for a great non-stick surface. All in all, a great investment for any kitchen.

Stargazer Cast Iron

Extremely smooth inside and out, Stargazer skillets produce flawless cooking results. While expensive, Stargazer cast iron skillets are built to serve generations to come. Stargazer even offers a limited lifetime warranty – an indicator of their faith in durability.

Premium Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Ovens

Enameled cast iron eliminates the need for seasoning and allows vibrant colors that bare iron doesn’t permit. These makers produce gorgeous enameled cast iron Dutch ovens ideal for braising, soups, baking bread, and more.

Colorful Dutch Ovens

Le Creuset Cast Iron Dutch Ovens

With smooth enameled cooking surfaces, exceptional heat distribution, and sturdy handles, Le Creuset delivers on both style and flavor. Le Creuset cast iron cookware easily transitions from stove top to oven, and resists dulling over time. With proper care, Le Creuset enameled cast iron should serve home cooks for decades.

Staub Cast Iron Dutch Ovens

Staub cast iron cookware features a matte black enameled interior, with a beautifully colored exterior. The lid is perfectly designed to self-baste. Staub’s cast iron construction retains and distributes heat evenly when cooking. For premium kitchen gifts or splurges, Staub enameled cast iron cookware shines.

Cuisinart Cast Iron Dutch Ovens

Cuisinart presents a diverse range of attractive colors such as lavender pink and dark blue. The cast iron cookware from Cuisinart is capable of distributing heat evenly and is equivalent to the higher-end brands. Although Cuisinart may not be considered heirloom quality, their enameled cast iron products offer a cost-effective option as compared to the most expensive brands available in the market.

Celebrity Chef Cast Iron Collections

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TV cooking personalities like Martha Stewart and the Pioneer Woman have their own co-branded cast iron lines with popular retailers.

Pioneer Woman Cast Iron Collection

The Pioneer Woman cast iron collection receives mixed reviews on its seasoning and smoothness. But for such low prices, this colorful cast iron still provides a decent starter option for a high-end look.

Emeril Lagasse Cast Iron Collection

With helper handles and a fairly polished surface, Emeril Lagasse’s cast iron collection offers a reasonably priced alternative to some of the top names. Cooking with a Lagasse cast iron skillet is pretty solid, and the branding adds appeal to fans of his shows and recipes.

Heirloom Quality Cast Iron Skillets

Investing in Cast Iron A Guide to Brands and Shopping Tips

For cast iron purists devoted to American-made skillets, these brands craft extraordinary cast iron cookware to last generations. They don’t come cheap, but their outstanding quality promises lifelong performance.

Field Company Cast Iron Skillets

Every detail reinforces Field’s commitment to superior craftsmanship. From the stout handle shape balanced for easy maneuvering to the silky-smooth cooking surface, Field Company cast iron performs beautifully.

Butter Pat Cast Iron Skillets

Butter Pat cast iron skillets possess an astonishingly smooth cooking surface. These skillets weigh up to 30% less than other cast iron skillets, allowing greater control and faster heating. The superior heat distribution and gorgeous design make Butter Pat skillets worth a few extra bucks.

Stargazer Cast Iron Skillets

Beautifully designed, weighing up to 15 pounds (6.8 kilogram), and polished ultra-smooth, Stargazer pleases even the most discerning cast iron fans. Made in the USA, Stargazer cast iron skillets rival vintage cast iron in quality yet offer modern convenience. Serious home cooks agree the considerable cost reflects the flawless results.

Whether your priority is affordability, durability, premium enamel, or American craftsmanship, quality cast iron cookware exists to match your kitchen and budget needs. With a variety of excellent cast iron manufacturers today, great skillets, pans, and Dutch ovens await any home chef.

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