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OEM & ODM Cookware Service

As an experienced OEM/ODM cookware manufacturer, we offer customization options for design, material, and packaging to meet our clients’ specific needs. From concept to production, we work closely with our partners to deliver high-quality and innovative cookware solutions that exceed their expectations. With advanced production facilities and a skilled team, we ensure efficient and reliable production processes to meet our clients’ demands.

Ash Qian

Ash Qian

Head of Designer & Developer

As the head of design and development, I’m proud to say that we have a highly skilled and experienced team dedicated to creating innovative and functional cookware designs. We offer both ODM and OEM services, working closely with our clients to bring their unique ideas to life. Our design and development process includes concept ideation, prototyping, testing, and final product design. We use the latest technology and materials to ensure our products meet the highest quality standards. Contact us today to discuss how we can collaborate and bring your cookware vision to reality.

aluminum frying pan
stainless steel frying pan
Stainless Steel
cast iron frying pan
Chinese Wok
Carbon Steel
Teflon Coating
medical stone frying pan
Stone Coating
enamel frying pan
Enamel Coating
ceramic frying pan
Ceramic Coating
Iron Frying Pan
6-14 Inches
aluminum saucepan
4-6 Quarts
stainless steel stock pot
8-20 Quarts
Measure Thickness
2-5 mm

Compare Different Cookware Material

Understanding the unique advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel, aluminum, and iron cookware can significantly enhance your culinary experience and guide your purchasing decision.

Stainless SteelExtremely durable, doesn’t react with foods, suitable for all stovetops, easy to maintain, retains shiny appearance, versatile for various cooking techniques.Poor heat conductivity (unless bonded with copper or aluminum), food can stick, may require oil to prevent sticking, tougher to clean.
AluminumExcellent heat conductor, lightweight, affordable, cools down quickly, resistant to rust, suitable for a range of cooking methods.Can react with acidic or alkaline foods altering taste, prone to scratching and warping, not compatible with induction stoves, may need regular replacement.
Iron (Cast Iron)Exceptional heat retention and distribution, naturally non-stick when properly seasoned, durable, versatile for many cooking methods (stove, oven, grill).Quite heavy, requires special care (seasoning, hand washing), reacts with acidic foods, slow to heat up and cool down, not dishwasher safe.

Compare Different Coating

Each cookware coating offers unique benefits and limitations; understanding these can guide your selection to match cooking styles, health considerations, and maintenance preferences.

Teflon (PTFE)Non-stick, easy to clean, requires less oil, affordable.Can release toxic fumes if overheated, not scratch-resistant, not suitable for high heat.
StoneNatural non-stick, heat resistant, durable, scratch-resistant, allows for healthy cooking with less oil.Can be heavy, more expensive, requires careful cleaning.
EnamelNon-reactive to food, easy to clean, durable, colorful aesthetic options.Can chip if dropped, not non-stick, some types not suitable for high heat, can be pricey.
CeramicNon-stick, non-reactive with food, free from PTFE and PFOA, heats evenly.May chip or crack over time, not metal utensil safe, can lose non-stick over time.

Some Ideas Hope to Inspire Your Innovation

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